I redesigned medical platform for communicating between doctors and customers

Connection between customer's pain and product values

Connection between customer's pain and product values


The goal of the project

The goal of the project was to upgrade medical service and lets customers monitor their health more clearly and give customers more relevant recommendations on how to be healthy.

Business context

The task was to refresh the UI and add features. After the redesign, the company planned an advertising campaign. At the same time, it was necessary to reduce the load on doctors. So that customers without the involvement of doctors could get recommendations on health. We had 2 months to redesign.



Contextual inquiry

I spent a few days observing people use the service. It was important to observe the different users: those who have long used the service and those who have just started. I chose several people of different gender and age. In order to find respondents, I sent an invitation to a loyal customer base. And with those who agreed to participate, I contacted.

Diary Study

In medical service, it is important to understand how different people use the service during the day. I asked people to record during the week how and what they do with the service. This gave an understanding of how to make a better UI of schedule meetings with the doctor.

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